Organisation Goals and the Technology Stack

Freshmethod’s primary reason for being is to improve business efficiency using technology and to provide value to our clients by aligning their technology with their organisation goals.

Let’s talk about something called the “Technology Stack”.  The term “technology stack” refers to the layers of components, applications and services that are used to provide a technology solution.

The first layer of the stack is the base infrastructure.  Applications and services are layered on top of the infrastructure.  The last thing you want to overlook when delivering technology is the importance of organisation goals and the driving force of people.

If these factors are not weighted properly, the result is infrastructure that doesn’t necessarily support goals or drive the capacity of the people who use it. We view the Technology Value Stack as follows:

The Technology Stack

Organisation Goals sit at the top of the Technology Stack.

  • The Organisation Goals: Your plans, your market, your budget
  • People: How your people interact with technology
  • Applications: How the organisation extracts efficiency, market visibility and productivity from its applications
  • Infrastructure: Providing a stable platform for all of the above

If your infrastructure is addressed as being the most important part of this stack, organisational goals – and the people who deliver them – are no longer the main focus!

Our engagement goes deeper than the infrastructure.  Our client engagement involves workshops, during which we focus on Business Process Improvement: Properly understanding and analysing the day-to-day activities that flow through the business Providing a strategy for leveraging business process automation solutions. Optimising forms and workflows, information architecture, document management and line of business application integration

Infrastructure is the beginning of the conversation.  Our point of difference as a Technology Partner is enabling technology that aligns with organisation goals, to drive the capabilities of people.

If you’re interested in learning more about technology initiatives that streamline your business processes, improve your document management and drives improved capacity right throughout your organisation, we can help.  Give us a call today to discuss your requirements further.


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