Intranet project – 6 things yours can’t live without

Keys to a successful Intranet ProjectIntranets have been around for years, but new versions of Intranet platform technologies are causing many organisations to rethink their internal websites.

If you’re considering kicking off an Intranet project in your organisation, here are 6 things you can’t live without. Dedicating the time to properly plan and implement a new Intranet or a migration from an aging one is an investment, but the payoffs can be huge.

6 Must-haves for your Intranet project

  1. Goals: A good Intranet project is one that aligns with the organisation’s strategic goals. Knowing what you want out of it on a business level helps govern what the technology needs to do in order to achieve the desired outcome.
  2. Communication: Let all stakeholders know the business reasons behind the Intranet. Without their buy in and involvement, the Intranet will never solve the problems it is meant to address.
  3. User training: This is imperative. Without it users won’t understand the new platform or how to get what they need from it and adoption will fail.
  4. Managed change: People dislike change if it is not managed well. A supportive, ongoing approach to change management is required to ensure users adapt to the new platform and adopt it into their work patterns.
  5. Branding: Having an Intranet portal that resonates with the organisation’s brand is important. If users are proud to show industry peers, friends and family “how we do things at work”, that says a lot. A disassociated, ugly, bland or difficult to understand design is the last thing you want for your Intranet project.
  6. Expertise: Make sure you engage someone who can not only analyse the business requirements but also understands how the underlying technology ticks. If you don’t have the skills in-house, working with an expert can really maximise your Intranet project.

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