OneNote; how to maximise your productivity

OneNote has been around for a few years now but it is still one of those programs that is vastly under-utilised. So let’s have a recap. What is OneNote? Simply put, it’s a Microsoft Office application that allows you to quickly capture ideas, notes, drawings, pictures, web links and documents on “Pages” that are grouped in “Notebooks”. You can keep … Read More

Intranet project – 6 things yours can’t live without

Intranets have been around for years, but new versions of Intranet platform technologies are causing many organisations to rethink their internal websites. If you’re considering kicking off an Intranet project in your organisation, here are 6 things you can’t live without. Dedicating the time to properly plan and implement a new Intranet or a migration from an aging one is … Read More

Windows XP support – be aware the April end date looms

An important update on the Windows XP Support end date. As you may have heard, the Microsoft Windows XP support end date is looming.  Office 2003 and Windows XP support is set to terminate on April 8, 2014. If your organisation has not started the migration to modern desktops, it’s important to act as soon as possible, particularly if you … Read More

Organisation Goals and the Technology Stack

Freshmethod’s primary reason for being is to improve business efficiency using technology and to provide value to our clients by aligning their technology with their organisation goals. Let’s talk about something called the “Technology Stack”.  The term “technology stack” refers to the layers of components, applications and services that are used to provide a technology solution. The first layer of … Read More

Solving Business Problems with Technology

Our business model is developing in two distinct areas. Service Delivery and Business Consulting.  This vision ties directly to our underlying reason for being in business; solving business problems with technology. It has been some time since we’ve posted an update.  2013 has been a year of change for Freshmethod.  As with most change, the behind the scenes groundwork has … Read More

The Power of SharePoint

One of the things we talk about on The Freshmethod Blog is The Cloud. Today’s topic ties in with that theme, but in a very specific way. When companies make the move to a cloud environment, the big question is where and how to save the company information. Well, this is a question that Microsoft has obviously considered at length, … Read More

Freshmethod Computer Buying Guide

One of the things everybody notices about today’s technological world is that everybody is joining it. In the days of yore the IT guys knew about IT and everybody else knew about everything else but today, we are no longer the omniscient mystics we once were. So many things about computers have become general knowledge and many IT related tasks … Read More

What Happened To Microsoft Small Business Server?

In September of this year Microsoft announced the release of its new server product. Server 2012. Times like this are always joyous occasions for gadget guys like me. Something new and shiny with new, shiny features to tinker with. The interesting thing about this announcement was that it had been preceded by some very unpopular news. Only months earlier, Microsoft … Read More