About us

We believe the status quo approach to IT is gone, the value of technology has changed and it’s time for a fresh conversation.

If you are like most Australian businesses, you have on site servers or a locally hosted cloud solution –  meaning a significant portion of your IT budget consists of support and management. The truth is the game has changed with Microsoft and other large players now here on Australian soil offering these services at scale. SME businesses can now access the productivity benefits of enterprise technology at a fraction of the cost.

At Freshmethod, we remove complexity and cost from your organisation giving you the peace of mind to leave your IT headaches behind and get on with what you do best… your business. We provide technology strategies to improve process, organise information and save time to get more done. It’s that simple.

If you want to change technology from an expense to a differentiator, or if you simply want to take control of your IT investment, contact us today.

Global Scale

Global vendors are now delivering enterprise grade, cloud based servers and software for Australian businesses at a scale that local vendors can’t match.

Competitive Advantage

IT discussions are no longer about disk sizes, servers and support and have shifted to a business conversation about adding value, automating processes and managing information to give smart companies a competitive advantage.

Customer Control

This wave of digital disruption is reshaping the IT industry’s traditional model and putting more control in the hands of the customer.

At Freshmethod, we believe IT investment should improve business, not just support it. We can help you benefit from smarter platforms so you maximise the value of your IT investment and take control of your technology budget.

How we work

We start with a 15 minute no obligation business level conversation to learn about your challenges and if our solutions could help. From there you’ll know if our process will deliver value to your business.

Get with the times, get rid of the cables and learn how you can disrupt your market today.